October 4, 2023

We Don’t Need to Kill the Republican Party, They Already Committed Suicide.

I remember 2016, like it was yesterday, and for good reason: there was never a time in my life that I had so much enthusiasm towards general politics, and the possible future of America.

Up until then, I had been “Black-Pilled”. I retracted from the internet (a much needed break) and from the belief of possible political revolution in America; I had atomized my life, focused on only my inner circle of friends and family.

I remember some family and friends reaching out to me saying “You have to see what Trump is doing”, being that I had not watched network television in years, I was clueless to what was going on… My initial response was a bitter “Ha! That’s what we deserve a fucking Trump as president”.

Since more than one person I knew told me to look into it, I did. And then I saw it all…

The ultimate White-Pill: He was speaking a populous dialect and getting a large and positive response because of it. To me that meant there was a formidable crowd of Americans that were open to 3P Populism as a reality.

So I got wholeheartedly involved in the local Trump campaign: knocking on doors, going to events and meet-ups. All the meanwhile sparking conversations on politics, and economics with the Trump supporters, seeing where their head was at…

How populist where they? Of course, all the local power players (the major funders, and established local party heads) were not very populist at all, typical RHINOs and Conservatives. Populism largely lived in those who were young, or those who had given up on politics (like me).

I remember during the 2016 campaign having long drawn out arguments with some boomer conservative family members and friends of family. It was always the same thing:

First, Jeb was “their guy”…

I would say things like “Because of demographics and Republican messaging, no other Republican candidate outside of Trump has even a shot at being president”

Typically they would laugh at that statement. But as they started running out of anti-Trump candidates (Cruz being their last hope) to support they stopped laughing. They slowly became Trump supporters, and vocal ones at that!

Now, you would think, after seeing how the Republicans and the “Deep State” pretty much derailed any populous promise Trump made (whether they out-smarted him, scared him, or he was corrupt from day one is irrelevant at this moment) that many of his newly won Republican supporters would be fed up with Republicans…

Unfortunately this does not seem the case. As a Boomer Conservative family member told me the other day, when I brought up the topic of the possibility of the election being stolen: “Well we got to at least win the Senate”. This is what Fox news and other right wing news outlets preach, and this is what many Boomer conservatives will believe.

The Republicans in power are like this too. None of them understood the Populism Trump tapped into and they still don’t. None of them have a chance to ever win a general election again with their ‘fiscal conservative’ dogma. But they will be the last to admit or understand that. We see them taking the same horrible stances today that they did pre-Trump.

The American people are struggling to make a living due to legally enforced COVID restrictions.

After months of debating the swine in congress and the Senate produce a pork barrel filled bill that gives only 600$ to American citizens! 600$?!?!

The fact we take so many slaps in the face without fighting back is already mind-numbing to think about. The worst part is you still had useless hacks like Rand Paul saying it was too much!

Nevertheless, Trump saw the crumbs that 600$ represented and acted on his gut (many times his ‘gut instinct’ was not bad, he just hardly ever followed through on his instincts) he told the boys and girls of Congress and the Senate that 600$ was not enough, 2000$ is more suitable. Now despite 2000$ being sufficient or not, I agree 2000$ is much better then 600$.

Democrats agreed to up the pay to 2000$ with their pork barrels (of course) and knowing how the predictable Republicans response would be, it was a lot like how like Bugs bunny was always a step ahead of Elmer Fudd.

And the Republicans? Well of course they started crying about the “DEBT”…

The debt? Where was this ‘debt’ when they wanted never ending wars? Where was this debt when they bailed out the banks and wall street? Where was this ‘debt’ when they sent BILLIONS overseas? Where was this ‘debt’ when they were selling U.S. bonds to China and other foreign countries? Where was this ‘debt’ when they gutted our manufacturing industry?

Funny enough this ‘debt’ only shows up when it comes to benefitting people, be it Healthcare or Stimulus checks.

Yes, for reasons like these, and many more, the Republicans are only a ghost today. Trump gave them a false sense of vitality. They are not vital, in fact, they are flat-lining… and good riddance!

Their message of “Money over People” is DOA. The way forward is People over Money. Republicans refuse to accept that (what would their donors say?) and for that reason they killed themselves long ago.

The path forward is Populism: the Democrats pander and promise with less than satisfactory results, the Republicans serve the market and Israel. Our fight in the future will be with the Democrats, who offer false populism; the Republicans aren’t even in the fight, they died by their own hands.

2 thoughts on “We Don’t Need to Kill the Republican Party, They Already Committed Suicide.

  1. Yep. Serving the stock market and AIPAC. That is pretty much their standard. The old Republican Party was worse. They seemed like a bunch of people from a debate team arguing points they couldn’t possibly believe in. (Will they go back to that!?!) Maybe Tucker 2024 could be okay, though.

    The Democratic Party definitely needs to change, too. Trans bathrooms was not really a policy they came up with by checking the pulse of the country.

  2. Well the silver lining is a large enough majority of the Republican Party will be dying with age (along with their loyalty to M.I.G.A). Populism will be the only thing left to counter the insane Jewish-Soros funded lefists that has become the Democrat Party.

    The Democrat Party will have it’s own civil war in the near future. The 2018 Aoc/Thalib wasn’t it. Populism will catch with many Democrats. How many I don’t know, but I do know for both the 👈 and 👉 the 3rd Position will naturally appeal to them both as history has shown us time and again.

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