October 2, 2023

What Really Matters

Let me give you a few brutal truths about this life:

  • Every second someone dies; likewise, every second someone is born.
  • There’s nothing you can do to stop all the injustice happening, literally every second; the only thing you can do is not add to it, and perhaps stop that which you encounter in your experience.
  • For every act of good you do, there’s an act of evil to counter it being done by someone else. Many times, you’re doing evil without even knowing, despite your good intentions.
  • The bad guys can and do win, while the good guys can and do lose. Good seems to barely be winning, while bad seems to be barely losing, yet neither side can ever achieve total victory in this eternal struggle.
  • There are more “good” people than “evil” people in this world, yet most “good” people do nothing to stop the “evil” people, enabling that which harms everyone.
  • You and everyone you love will die, and you don’t know whether or not there’s an afterlife…you can only hope, that is, if you want eternal life.
  • Not only will you and everyone you love die, all life on this planet will die, when, in about seven billion years, The Sun expands into a red giant, and its circumference becomes as wide as our current orbit, ending all life on Earth with a fiery death.
  • Not only will our Earth die, eventually our solar system will die as well, along with the entire Universe, by either expanding so far that the atoms needed to make stars will be too far apart to give birth to new ones, while the ones living will eventually burn out—causing a massive freeze death as everything goes dark—or it will crunch back down on itself, destroying everything that has been created, crushing it all back into a singularity.

In the end, your struggle, your life’s work, your children, their children, so on and so forth, will all be wiped out in time; your nation, language, people, all will vanish without a trace. Should this make you give up? Should this make you a nihilist? Should you say screw it, and become evil? Should you just kill yourself? You could, but why? If anything, all of this should make you appreciate your life even more, by understanding what a privilege it is to exist at all, and realize that all life is essentially a game in an eternal struggle we are all born to play, whether we like it or not.

All the different lifeforms you see, from tiny bacteria, to large land animals, are all playing a different game, following a set of different rules. Although each lifeform is dealt a different hand, life favors no one; the stakes are the same for all: LIFE OR DEATH! As for us humans, our game includes JOY OR SUFFERING; FREEDOM OR SLAVERY!

Why must this game cause suffering and have such high stakes? Simple: a game must be challenging; there’s no point of playing a game if you can always win and there’s nothing at stake—that would be very boring. If you want to win, you must learn to accept and love this game, as sick and twisted as it may be at times. If you hate this game, you hate your life and reality itself. Even hating your enemy means you hate life, for their role is how you define yours, and more importantly, is necessary for you to play yours.

So, know your role, accept it, and play it without fear, because what will really matter in the end, is whether or not you lived your life aligned with your true nature, and played your part in this eternal struggle.

None of us are getting out of this alive, so we should at least make sure that we truly lived.