March 1, 2024

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

Paula Cole once asked… But alas, there were no cowboys left to respond.

What of Man? This creature we see in history books…
Where did he go? How did he go?
I see there was once an Alexander who was great and a Julius who was Caesar.
Now only a white knight: every woman’s personal savior.

 Oh, you’re a Man you say? No my cuckling, just a mere male.
I understand why you lie to yourself; you must, as do I,
but it’s time we face the facts, and the facts are enough to show you of your shame.
“It’s a man’s world” James Brown once proclaimed,
as he burned his hair straight and pranced around the stage.
Silly as it may seem, this modern reality was some past asshole’s future dream.

Zarathustra come down from your mountain; show me how to get Over-Man.
I still struggle with this, when I see what once was, and what now is.
This is “progress” you say?
Funny… Death is also progression, but I don’t see you welcoming it.

 Remember when there was sternness in a man’s word and honor in his handshake? Neither do I.
Like you I too was born in the modern age; I only know how
to suck in my gut- puff out my chest – liquidate my body hair and update my status.
Stoic!?!? Who can be stoic in this time of despair?
Where is my therapist with her psychoanalysis? Quick, I have feelings that I must share.

I know you and what you will say… “I’ll kick your ass and show you I am MAN”.
But it is just feminine emotions expressed into rage.
No vision in your violence – completely devoid of a cause.
Just bravado – posturing to convince me of your balls; silly male!
Man is not in the balls, but in fact found in the head, the heart, and deeply buried in the soul.

 Oh women, I have heard your roar,
which makes me realize how foolish I was to put all faith in the word and forget about the sword.

So how do we become something we have forgotten?
I say we burn it all down and return to the core.
Back to the self, back to the land,
return to questing and then we will have our re-birth of Man.
Out from the comfort, out of the cubicle – a return to actually living, now don’t you think that is crucial?

Let us not forget the trail-blazers that were,
we are their ancestors and from us they demand so much more.
We would be nothing if it wasn’t for them; so why have we forsaken man?