November 30, 2022


About Us

New Frontier is an organization of individuals who reject the controlled two-party paradigm and aim to carve out a new social and political roadmap for the United States. As individuals of various walks of life, we have united under a National Progressive platform that connects a strong and moral State directly to the well-being of the People.

Our leaders continue to show us that they are loyal only to wealthy conglomerates and corrupt entities whose power it is our duty to resist. It is our objective to have individuals run for federal Congress/Senate in 2024 in an effort to unite Americans and replace this corrupt power structure. Democrats and Republicans alike must rise up and declare that it is TIME FOR A THIRD OPTION!

Political Platform

Health, Culture, and Wellness – Economic Justice – Eco-Futurism – Law and Order

The Ronin Report

Mondays & Thursdays at 7PM Pacific/10PM Eastern


Check out our custom editions of essential political literature that you must have on your shelf. Many of these publications are out of print and have been brought back to life by our team.