March 22, 2023


Who Can Join New Frontier?

Any American citizen 18 years and older, fully employed or in an educational program. Every person applying for membership must first enter a probationary period.

Expectations for Members

  1. Monthly 10$ donation that goes towards political activities
  2. Show up to at least one in-person meetup a year with fellow members
  3. A range of contributions depending on a members abilities and desires: Running for political office, writing articles for the blog, video editing, content creation, website building and other IT skills
  4. Volunteer time for door knocking and poster placing, in order to help the members that will run for office

Ready to Continue?

    Are you interested and capable in running for political office?


    Are you willing to deal with the possible negative attention and actions from the enemies of New Frontier (mainstream media, politicians, Internet trolls, law enforcement, etc)?