Our Vision

America is currently in crisis. The cost of living has risen dramatically, education in our nation is of low quality, and there is a significant mental health crisis and a lack of social cohesion.

Though technology and social media have cut the once vast distance between us, we are more disconnected from each other in our communities. New Frontier believes in establishing a new bond between all Americans who demand better for themselves, family, and our nation’s future.

Here are a few things

1) Cleaning Up Local Parks and Walkways

2.) Feeding Homeless Americans and Giving them the proper resources to obtain better housing and or shelter

3.) Can Food Drives and clothing donations

4.) Creating a sense of community and national unity

5.) Addressing Americas loneliness epidemic via mentoring, community building and a sense of purpose

6.) Overall beautification. Our men and women devote themselves to the aesthetics of their towns and communities and do all they can to address its challenges.