March 2, 2024

Our Mission

Who We Are

New Frontier is an organization of individuals who reject the controlled two-party paradigm and aim to carve out a new social and political roadmap for the United States. As individuals from various walks of life, we have united under an America First platform that directly connects a strong and moral state to the people’s well-being.

Our leaders continue to show us that they are loyal only to wealthy conglomerates and corrupt entities whose power it is our duty to resist. Democrats and Republicans alike must rise up and declare that it is time for a third option!

A House Divided Cannot Stand

For several decades, America has been separated by race, region, religion, and class. We reject the current power structure’s age-old game of divide and conquer and refuse to engage in the concepts of identity politics plaguing our culture, education, and political systems. We should be concerned about only one identity: the American identity. Only by unifying with the common desire to improve the well-being of all American citizens can we challenge the current ruling structure’s monopoly of power and influence.

Of the People, For the People

We reject an economy solely for profit and promote that which serves the nation’s wealth and its citizens. We advocate economic support to better the position of all people rather than enslaving those who seek to advance in never-ending debt. The American Dream must once again mean something more than mere consumerism and shameless self-promotion.

There can be no economy that benefits the People while America is being used as the world’s doormat; no system that promotes foreign policy that perpetuates endless wars to the detriment of American lives and interests. Our fellow American citizens are an extended family, where we all share the same destiny through hardship and the promise of great reward.

A Shared Destiny

It is our duty to unite people under a shared American identity, a Macro-Culture that binds the Micro-Cultures together under a common ambition: striving towards a better future.

New Frontier’s goal is to achieve independence from:

  1. The slavers behind private banking, whose grip on national power exists due to their private monopoly on the creation of currency.
  2. Liberalism, which sets the individual against the State and liberty against authority, trading equality of opportunity for the false, cheap and repressive conception of equality of outcome.
  3. Capitalism, which affirms that the factors of production are to be owned privately and consolidated into corporate oligarchies, who acquire vast sums of wealth, and use capital to buy our politicians and political process.
  4. Marxism, which maintains that culture itself should be abolished, in an effort to unite workers internationally, foregoing the importance of uniting the classes under the notion of cooperation.
  5. The Left / Right Political Dichotomy – we are neither left nor right, and the modern political paradigm is a tool used to keep people within the divisive confines of non-representative democracy.